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Liver King Steroid Cycle Exposed by leaked emails

Liver King Steroid Cycle Exposed by leaked emails

The Liver King has taken the internet by storm for the last couple of years, amassing millions of fans in a brief period.

The man behind Liver King is 45-year-old Brian Johnson from the USA; the Liver King gained attention for his videos, sharing his unconventional lifestyle.

The Liver King lives an ancestral lifestyle; he walks barefoot in nature, eats a lot of raw organs such as beef liver, and tries to connect himself with nature.




On top of that, The Liver King lifts weights and is in incredible shape all year round. In his videos, Liver King has shown his viewers his unconventional diet, where he has, for example, eaten raw bull testicles, and he claims this way of eating is healthy and good for the body.

The Liver King owns and operates a supplement company called Ancestral supplements, where you can get supplements that contain nutrients from the beef liver and more.

The Liver King has become one of the most influential people in fitness and puts out a lot of content for his fans.



Many YouTubers have accused the liver king of using steroids; however, The Liver King has always claimed to be a lifetime natural lfiter that has been lifting for years.

Liver King has stated multiple times that he is, in fact, a 100% lifetime natural; Liver King has also been accused of having ab implants after joking about it in a podcast.

A lot of videos put out of context were put out on the internet of Liver King saying he had ab implants. However, if you watch the video, it is clear he was only joking about having ab implants, and he says his abs come from hard work.

Derek from the popular YouTube channel More Plates More Dates is an expert in fitness, steroids, dieting, and supplements.



Derek got a hold of an e-mail communication from Liver King that revealed a secret Liver King was not planning on giving out to the public.

In the video, Derek shows Liver King communicating with a bodybuilding coach, where the Liver King reveals his dirty secrets.

I’m sure The Liver King did not want this information to be found out from his fans, but somehow Derek from More Plates More Dates has a screenshot of email communication between The Liver King and a bodybuilding coach.

Of course, someone could potentially fake this dialogue of emails, and we have to keep that in mind even though it may not be that likely due to the detail in the emails.

The email conversation started two months before The Liver King began to post on social media.

In the emails, we can see that The Liver King admits to using multiple steroids and PEDS and is asking a bodybuilding coach for a consultation to improve his physique even further.

Watch the video below:


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