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Liver King Apologises for lying about being natural

Liver King Apologises for lying about being natural

Brian Johnson (45) known as The Liver King has gained a massive following and fame in the last couple of years for his incredible physique and unconventional lifestyle.

The Liver King blew up on social media after preaching about his unconventional diet and lifestyle, the unconventional diet consists of raw livers, meats and even bull testicles.



The Liver King uses the 9 ancestral tenets to guide his life and live a healthy and happy life.

With his incredibly impressive bodybuilder looking physique and unconventional way of doing this, The Liver King quickly became one of the fastest rising stars in the fitness scene.

Now The Liver King has amassed millions of followers to his social media pages where he frequently posts videos from his unconventional lifestyle.

Ancestral supplements is the supplement company The Liver King owns and it sells supplements for millions of dollars every year.

As soon as The Liver King started to blow up on social media there were accusations that he used steroids by many famous personalities in the spotlight including Joe Rogan, Greg Doucette, Kenny K.O and many more.




The hot topic of discussion since Liver King became famous was if The Liver King was natural or not.

In podcasts and interviews, The Liver King always answered these questions the same way, he always said he was a lifetime natural.

Many of his fans believed the Liver King because he has been training for 36-years, lives a very healthy lifestyle and performs two gruelling workouts almost every day,

There are not many people that train as hard as The Liver King and have the time and effort to have the same great diet The Liver King eats on, on a daily basis.

That is the reason people thought there was a possibility he could be natural, on top of that Liver King even posted videos to his own social media pages claiming to be natural, some of these videos have been deleted from his social media pages at this point.

It may be one of the biggest steroid scandals of the year when leaked emails between Liver King and a bodybuilding coached surfaced on the internet.

Derek from More Plates More Dates was the guy that revealed these confidential emails to the public.

In these emails Liver King tells the bodybuilding coach exactly what he was using, and he was using drugs for around $15000.

Most of the cost was from pharma grade growth hormone, over 10 thousand dollars, the rest was steroids and other peptides.

This exposure came as a shock to many of his followers, and many of them felt betrayed and lied to.

Now The Liver King did the right thing and apologised for lying to everyone about being natural.

Liver King also said he does not have ab implants or have had an ab etching surgery, that is what he has been accused of by guys such as Greg Doucette.

The Liver King made a video explaining why he lied about being a natural lifter when he was not.

Now that he has been exposed, Liver King was kind of forced to make this video since his fans were furious and wanted to get a confirmation about if this was actually true.

There was always a possibility the leaked emails could have been faked but now we know that is definitely not the case.

The leaked emails are legit and Liver King addresses this in the video below:

Liver King Apologises for lying about being natural(video)


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