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Dan Bilzerian Reveals He Needs To Be Satisfied minimum 14 times a week

Dan Bilzerian Reveals He Needs To Be Satisfied minimum 14 times a week

Social media superstar Dan Bilzerian has taken the internet by storm for the last few years.

The hugely popular influencer reportedly has a net worth of around 200 million dollars and has gained attention for the lavish lifestyle he lives and shares with his fans on social media.



Dan Bilzerian is famous for always being around beautiful women in his Instagram posts and has bragged about his experience with beautiful women.


Dan made his fortune mainly through private poker events, where he managed to make his incredibly impressive net worth.

In recent years Dan Bilzerian has been in the spotlight various times; recently, he was accused of faking his wealth; he talked about this in a podcast with More Plates More Dates, where he said that people were making stuff up about him.


"I got all this shitty press, it was mostly like YouTube stuff, because the YouTube videos did so well, well then all these idiots who didn’t know who I was were doing their version of that and it was like people were really interested in what I was doing and I wasn’t really posting a lot because I was focused on the book and like negative stuff always does well. It was like the craziest sh*t it was like : Dan is fleeing the country, he’s broke and I’m like I was the richest I’ve ever been, I’ve got more money now than I ever have before and it’s like so like watching this stuff I’m like nobody is going to listen to this sh*t and then it’s just like it keeps going and you keep seeing it and you are just what the f is going on?"


Recently the 41-year-old influencer held a Q&A where fans could ask Dan any questions.

Naturally, many people want to find out more about Dan’s love life since he is frequently seen with beautiful women in his social media posts and was asked:

How many times do you have sex in a week?

dan bilzerian intimate questions

Here’s how Dan Bilzerian answered that question:

" I don’t know. I would say, on average, like at least two times a day. so yeah, so a minimum of 14."


So Dan revealed to the world at minimum, he needs to be satisfied 14 times a day which may not be surprising for a social media superstar that is frequently seen with gorgeous women daily.

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